Governing Board

The Great Lakes College Testing Association Governing Board is comprised of eight dedicated volunteer GLCTA members.  These include a President, Treasurer, Conference Chair, Committee Chair, Secretary and two Members-at-Large.  The Board exists to provide direction and leadership to the organization, which exists to serve its professional members.


Jan Gonzalez is the Associate Director of the Testing Services Centers at Purdue University Northwest, which has campuses in Hammond and Westville, Indiana.  In this role, she manages all aspects of testing in three on-campus testing centers, including placement testing, national testing, proctored and academic testing and income-based testing.

Jan became a member of the Ohio College Testing Association in 2015, serving as Conference Chair and Treasurer, then as President Elect and current President for the newly formed Great Lakes College Testing Association.

Jan is also a member of the National College Testing Association.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Science in Technology, both earned at Purdue University Calumet.

In her free time, Jan enjoys reading, cooking/baking and travel.

Member At Large

Stacey Lewandowski is the Front Line and Program Management Coordinator at Columbus State Community College’s Main Campus.  In this role she is responsible for managing front line operations in the academic test center.  Previously, she had been working with vendor testing.

Stacey came to Columbus State after being an educator in Michigan for 17 years.  She joined College Testing Services in June 2017.  She became a member of the National College Testing Association in 2018.

Stacey holds a Bachelor of Arts from the Ohio State University, Bachelor of Arts from Eastern Michigan University, Masters in Education from Michigan State University and an Endorsement in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

In her free time, Stacey loves to cook, shop and spend time with her family.


Heidi Hartley is Testing Center Coordinator for The Ohio State University at Neward and Central Ohio Technical College.  She has worked in testing for over ten years, and has been in her current position since 2015. 

She holds a Master's degree in Public Administration for Nonprofits and loves working with the public sector with students of varying abilities.  Her passions include being involved in campus acitivites and groups that promote diversity and inclusion, fighting for the underdog and local stand up comedy.

She spends all her free time with her daughter, two stepsons and partner.  Together they like to play in the sunshine, cook and go to lots of live music events. 


Denise Cashon is Supervisor of College Testing Services at Columbus State Community College where she oversees the daily operations of the Community & Professional Testing (CPT) Center, the Delaware Campus Testing Center, as well as for the Regional Learning Testing Centers.  In addition, she is highly involved in the development and implementation of new projects that meet the testing as assessment needs of Academic, Workforce Development and Employer-based program at the College and in the community.

Denise has over 15 years experience in higher education in the areas of academic/vendor testing and assessment, admissions, registration and academic advising.  She became a member of NCTA in 2013 and GLCTA in 2014.  Denise joined the GLCTA Governing Board as a Member at Large as a way to support the college testing profession and she now serves as the Treasurer.  She holds an MBA and is actively involved in the business aspects of the College testing department.

In her free time, Denise enjoys spending time with her family and three Australian Shepherds.

Committee Chair

Sarah Stranks is the distance test coordinator at Michigan State University Testing Center in East Lansing, Michigan.  Her role in their small office is front-line customer service, scheduling and proctoring student examinations and facilitating all distance exams.

She was born and raised in Michigan and went to school at Central Michigan University.  Sarah is a newer Governing Board member for the Great Lakes Testing Association.  As Committee Chair, she is responsible for identifying professional development needs for the GLCTA membership and assisting with conference and membership-wide meetings and other professional development events.

When not working, Sarah is a mom of two young, busy children, operates a small hobby farm and enjoys a good Netflix series.

Conference Chair

Heather Vennekotter is currently an Accessibility Specialist at the University of Toledo.  Through this position, she supports students who are registered with the Student Disability Services office.  In addition, she conducts intake appointments and determines appropriate accommodations.  

Heather became a member of the Ohio College Testing Association in 2015.  She served as a Board Member for OCTA and continues to serve on the GLCTA Board as Conference Chair.  

Heather holds an undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Toledo.  She also holds a master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Bowling Green State University.

In her free time, Heather loves to spend time with her family, especially her two little boys.  She also enjoys rowing and running. 

Member at Large

Chase Thornhill 

Membership Chair

Kadia Hufford 

Past Board Members


President: Jim Kalna

President-Elect: Heidi Pettyjohn

Membership: Amy Gordon

Secretary: Jennifer Carrick

Treasurer: Mike Baumer

Conference Chair: Shara Freeman

Committee Chair: Meghan Schmidbauer


President: Heidi Pettyjohn

Past President: Jim Kalna

Secretary: Jennifer Carrick

Treasurer: Ann B. Martin

Membership Chair: Angela Zippin

Conference Chair: Sara Rieder Bennett, Ph.D.

Committee Chair: Tyler M. Marinelli


President: Heidi Pettyjohn

President-Elect and Conference Chair: Sara Rieder Bennett, Ph.D.

Secretary: Sarah Christian

Treasurer: Cindy Sproehnle

Membership Chair: Angela Zippin

Committee Chair: Tyler M. Marinelli

Member at Large: Cindy Davis


President: Sara Rieder Bennett, Ph.D.

Past President: Heidi Pettyjohn

Secretary: Michael Stumpf

Treasurer: Paula Doughman

Membership Chair: Amy Gordon

Conference Chair: Justin Pfeifer, Ph.D.

Committee Chair (Professional Development): Jan Kay Gonzalez

Member at Large: Cindy Davis


President: Sara Rieder Bennett, Ph.D.

President-Elect and Treasurer: Paula Doughman

Secretary: Michael Stumpf

Membership Chair: Amy Gordon

Conference Chair: Justin Pfeifer, Ph.D.; Cindy Davis (mid-term change)

Committee Chair (Professional Development): Jan Kay Gonzalez

Member at Large: Cindy Davis


President: Paula Doughman

Past President: Sara Rieder Bennett, Ph.D.

Secretary: Ryan Mays

Treasurer: Jan Kay Gonzalez

Membership Chair: Michael Stumpf

Conference Chair: Cindy Davis (2017)

Conference Chair: Heather Vennekotter (2018-19)

Committee Chair (Professional Development): Heidi Hartley

Members at Large: Denise Cashon and Chase Thornhill

List of Former Presidents

Jim Kalna, Columbus State Community College, 2012-2013

Heidi Pettyjohn, University of Cincinnati, 2013-2015

Sara Rieder Bennett, Ph.D., University of Akron, 2015-2017

Paula Doughman, University of Cincinnati, 2017-2019

The Great Lakes College Testing Association (GLCTA) is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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